We are highly experienced tech team who specialise in the repair and maintanance of all electronic products, including; PCs, MACs, laptops, smartphones/mobile phones, game console, cameras, and watches.

Our services range from hardware and software repairs. troubleshooting and data recovery to IT support for both residential homes and businesses.


  • We sell the latest iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone accessories to complement our customers' devices.
  • We deliver the most reliable and professional service at consumer friendly price with a fast turnaround. whilst ensuring that our customers' data is safe.


  • Our products and services are in very high demand, especially given the increasing use of digital products.
  • We carry out repairs onsite at the branch as soon as the customer hands in his or her device.
  • We are flexible and can react quickly to charging consumer demands in the technology industry.
  • We have a wide network of suppliers that enables us to have a consistent supply chain.
  • Incredibly fast repair times - the majority of repairs are done within the same tour.


  • We employ a small team of staff and have a network of partner companies that we work with
  • Our staff are fully trained in all areas of IT and telecommunications support and services


  • We plan on expanding our company setting up shops and offices in different locations around London
  • We plan on continuing to build on the EC Electroclinic brand in order to explore different avenues of technology services, such as Web development
  • Media - We plan on providing an insurance service in the coming future so that personal and business electronic devices can be insured against damage