Utility Apps for Android Phones

Top Apps That Keeps Android Smartphones Running Smoothly


As we all know, Android is one of the leading smartphone platforms globally and one of it's popular features is that it gives users the ability to do anything with their device. However certain users tend to over do it with Androids capability. In this article, we will list some apps that will help give your smartphone the best performance that it can have.

App Tune-up Kit

If your device is suffering from a performance issue, then this is the app you should download. At times a process, task or a certain app takes up a lot of resources such as CPU levels and memory, in which case, you will need an app like this to pin point the problem. 

When you run the App Tune-up kit, it will run invisibly behind the app that you will be running (such as WhatsApp). After a minute or two, it will pop up on your screen and return the results it had scanned from that app you were using or testing. The results will show everything about the app and how it affects the performance of your overall device. This app will also enable you to compare the performance of an app among with other apps.

Norton Clean

This app is perfect for those who wish clean up their phone and free up some storage. It helps remove memory cache an unnecessary app ads which sometimes are stored in your phone when an app is installed. It will also help remove any obsolete APK files as well as any residue files from apps. It's a free app that basically enables to clean up your phone. This app is intended for those who do not know how to use the advanced android features, it's very simple to use and great for the average consumer.


This app was rated as one of the best utility apps of 2013, and yes we know it was a long time ago, however it's still kept up to date and is really good to use. It helps to put running apps to hibernate or sleep if they are not in or are running in the background. This will help kink up your smartphone's performance and battery. Greenify will also give you a list of apps that are running and are causing serious issues to your phone. It also has an freeze feature which basically disables an app altogether. Let's just say that it's Androids version of 'Task Manager'.

History Eraser

This app has two version, a basic free version and also a pro version which enables you to use advance features. The pro version of this app has not been updated however the free version has. The whole  point if this app is to get remove any personal history from your phone such as; web history from chrome, call lists, sms messages, search histories via different apps like YouTube and Google Play. It also enables you to choose what you wish to erase and basically tap on delete. It's very handy for those that wish to remove their private and personal data from others and basically keep their smartphone clean

SD Maid

SD Maid is basically another version of Norton Clean, however it's a bit more complex and has some great benefits. It has a file manager that enables you yo view and manage all the data on your phone. It also removes any unnecessary files from your systems. It also detects files that exist from uninstalled apps and allows you to remove them. Another handy feature that this app has is that, it can detect any duplicated data such as, music, pictures or documents, as we all sometimes download another duplicate of a specific file, this feature will come in real handy. The final positive feature that this has is that it can run all those sub features that we explained automatically on a schedule through commencing them on your widgets.


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