Tablet As a Secondary Display

How To Use Your Tablet As a Secondary Display


There are times where you don’t have an external connector to watch your shows on a bigger screen or you simply just want to make use of your tablet somehow. Well in this article we’re going to show you how to use your tablet as a second display. Those who edit photos and videos may use this to their advantage, you’ll be able to use your main screen for editing and your tablet screen for other activities such as checking your email, browsing online or even social networking.

All you need to do is download a app that enables you to connect your tablet to your computer or laptop. There are many apps which allow you to do this, in this case we have chosen a multi-platform app named ‘iDisplay’.


  • An android tablet running the latest android OS or an iPad running iOS 7 or newer. 

  • A computer or laptop running windows OS XP, Vista, 7 or a MAC computer or MacBook running OS X Maverick.

  • A Wi-Fi connection (obviously).

Step A:

You will first need to go to the Google Play store or the Apple App store to purchase the iDisplay app. Unfortunately the iDisplay app isn’t free, however it’s a great saving compared to buying a new monitor. The iOS version of this app costs £7.99 and the Android version costs £3.19 according to resources. Once the app has been installed, go ahead and choose the ‘connect via Wi-Fi’, you must also download the desktop version (which is free) on the iDisplay website at You will need to reboot your computer once iDisplay desktop version (for both Windows & MAC) is installed. The last thing you must do is to make sure that both your computer/laptop is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your tablet.

Step B:

As soon as your computer/laptop has been rebooted, open the iDisplay desktop app, if Windows firewall gives you a message, just allow the exception. Make sure that both computer/laptop and tablet are connected to the same network. Once you’ve made the connection from you computer or laptop to the tablet, a dialog box will pop up and will ask you for permission to allow iDisplay to connect once only, always allow connection or reject it (you can choose either option, it doesn’t matter). On your tablet a selection of devices will appear in which the tablet will be able to pair with on the app. You will have to tap the device you wish to pair with and then it will connect to your computer or laptop.

Optional Step:

Once you have connected your devices, you will be able to optimise the screen resolution on you tablet via the settings page (cog icon). For smaller screen sized tablets, a higher screen resolution will be better. You can also change the display arrangement from your computer to primary or secondary. Remember, the faster your internet connection and the tablets hardware specification, the better the response.

So there you have it, an easy peasy step on how to transfer your tablet into an external display. Even if you have a outdated tablet, just use it as an external display. You can even use it to play videos and cartoons for your kids as well as being able to control the content through your computer, so you see, everyone's a winner.

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