Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Smartphone That is On Fire

Electroclinic Ltd

As you all know, Samsung is one of the leading competitors when it comes to smartphones. Weeks after launching its latest smartphone which was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, not only it was the most talked about and hottest (literally hottest) product in the smartphone world, but then it started becoming a hazard and risk to most consumers as well as certain places, Initially Samsung stated that there was a problem with the battery cell which caused it to be on fire.

The head of Samsung's smartphone department (Koh Dong-jin) stated that there was a problem in the manufacturing process of the Note 7, and they couldn't figure it exactly what it was. Samsung predicted that this exploding issue may happen in 1 in every 42,000 devices sold, this is a rough estimate, there could be obvious note 7 explosions that  were not reported. 

Samsung also stated in the conference that re-manufacturing these devices will be very costly for them but the most important aspect is consumer safety. We then found out from multiple reports that the problem lies with the battery itself, not the charging adaptors or any circuitry issues. The company has many suppliers which provide the lithium battery, and therefore, certain countries such as; china are not affected with this issue. The reason that Samsung will have to re-manufacture this phone is because the batteries are built in the phone and can not be removed. 

Many US Officials and airline companies have stated that the Galaxy Note S7 is banned to countries such as; USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Mexico. The have also stated out guidelines on what to do if a passenger is travelling to any other countries. If you are travelling to a country and have the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Before travelling make sure you check with your airline to see if there are any specific restrictions in terms of travelling with this device. The airline and travelling ban has caused Samsung to open small stalls on airports in order to allow Note 7 owners to swap or get a refund from Samsung. If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, then we recommend that you make sure Samsung gives you a refund until this problem with their smartphone is rectified.

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