Mobile Device Security

The Vulnerabilities that Mobile Devices Face

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Security is probably the most important aspect when it comes to mobile devices. Users tend to use their smart devices (specially smartphones and tablets) for the majority of their day to day tasks, whether it's socialising, emailing, organising or entertainment purposes, and this is why security issues have risen due to the extreme use of smart devices. The majority of smartphone and tablets expect high security from the manufacturer, but what they don't take note that it is all up to them to make security changes to their devices. Hackers are always looking ways into accessing personal and company data, and if they are experienced and professional enough, they tend to be successful in hacking devices. It's very easy for hackers to access a mobile  device within close range in less than a minute. They can also install a virus (malware) on your device in order to steal data. 

One of the struggles companies and enterprises have to deal with is protecting their data. Because once their data has been hacked, then they are in big trouble with the law as well as their clients. Here are some of the vulnerabilities that mobile devices face: 

Insider Vulnerabilities 

Within some companies, certain employees or any insiders may be the cause of data theft or data loss. Some know what they're doing and some don't. There are times where some people download certain unknown third party apps on their mobile devices which enable them to have access to the company's data.

Attacks on Devices

Attacks that are aimed at the mobile devices only are pretty much the same type of attacks that are aimed toward PCs. There are are attacks such as browser attacks as well as other types of attacks like buffer overflow exploitations and sending malware through the MMS and SMS  messaging platforms. This type of attack is used to obtain control of the device and have access to the device's data.

Physical Access/Theft

Due to the portability of mobile devices, stealing them or snatching them can be very easy for someone. It makes them also easy to be accessible in public places such as; train stations (and inside trains) as well as airport, these are the places where people tend to rush and either leave their devices behind or keep their devices out in reach of thieves or hackers. Data can be accessed even if the user has a lock on their device, with the right recovery and unlock tools, hackers can retrieve, unlock and manage your device once in their hands.

Intercepting Communication

 The majority of mobile devices have wifi capabilities, and this makes them as vulnerable as other types of devices. The tools that enable hackers to hack into a users wifi communication is widely available to anyone if you know where to look. For those users who use public or company wifi hotspots, they are not only endangering their own data but the company data which hackers can gain access  by exploiting any weaknesses within the wifi connection, and then spy on the data that is being transmitted through the network. 

Malicious/Infected Code

This type attack is basically social engineering by tricking users into accepting or clicking anything that the hacker sells to them. One of the methods that usually tricks users is spam made by hackers, this includes sending links to bulk email addresses, posting malicious links to social networking websites and third party applications. Due to the limited ability to download specific file extensions on mobile devices, hackers tend to use ads icons on platforms like androids to get users to click on their malicious code.


Well due to the fact that mobile device security threats are always on the move and continue to grow, there is so much that a user can do to tackle these attacks and threats. It is always good to backup and wipe your device now and then in order to reduce the amount of important data on your device. 

Most security software companies such as; Kaspersky and Bitdefender do support both mobile and desktop device security, so if you want extra protection on your phone, it's best to invest on mobile security software. These security apps give the user the ability to enhance the security of their phone if it is stolen and hackers starts to tamper with it.

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