Maintaining Smartphone Privacy

Different Methods To Maintain Smartphone Security

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Maintaining privacy on a smartphone has been a big concern for many smartphone users, specially when it’s used for many tasks. Many users want to keep their data as secure as possible. Majority of people keep their whole digital identity in their smartphones. Sensitive data such as payment information can be a great use to hackers and outsiders if you don’t keep up with the security on your phone.

There are many different methods in maintaining the security and privacy of your smartphone. Many smartphone users download third party privacy apps, however some of these apps can request unneeded permission that can alternate and compromise the privacy and security of your smartphone. Here are a few methods you can use to maintain the security and privacy of your smartphone:

1) Enabling Passcode or Touch ID - One of the best ways to prevent your data from falling into someone’s hands is to enable touch-id or create a passcode. those who set up their iPhone’s for the first time must create a passcode at the initial set-up, but it is up to them to enable or disable the passcode lock.

2) Activate ‘Find my Phone’ Services - iOS and Android both offer this service to their users. You must activate the location services on your smartphone in order to activate these services. The benefit of these services is that those who have had their phone stolen can wipe, deactivate or lock their devices in order to avoid any data theft.

3) Do Not Avoid Software Updates - Any devices which has an outdated software is set and vulnerable for compromise. In our previous article we discussed the importance of updating your devices software and what will happen if it’s not updated. Previous versions of OS softwares may have security holes that can enable hackers to hack into your device or steal your information. So in order to avoid these situations, you must always download the latest updates on your smartphone.

4) Record or Audit App Permissions - When downloading an app, in most times it request some sort of permission from you in order to use some of its’ features. A few years back, a lot of Facebook users complained that their ‘Messenger’ app was forcefully requesting permission from users to have access to their contacts and phone calls logs, if permission was denied, then users were unable to use the main features of the app, therefore a lot of users were angry, but they had no choice but to use it. So the moral of the story is to audit or record the permissions you give to each app. You can easily do this from both Android and iOS platforms by going into your privacy settings on your smartphone.

5) Turn on Private Browsing on your Smartphone Browser - This is a very good method in keeping your information hidden, specially when you fill in online forms or browse certain sites. In Safari (iOS 10), you can turn on this feature by going to ‘Safari’ and then pressing ‘Private’. You can also go to ‘Settings’ on iPhone, and then tapping ‘Safari’ in order for advanced privacy and security settings. You can also delete your entire search history through ‘Safari’ settings. In Google Chrome, you have to open ‘Browser Settings’ and then press ‘Privacy’ and then set ‘Send Usage Data’ to ‘Never’.

So there it is, another article on smartphone security and privacy. Remember it is always important to keep your data secure, specially when it comes to payment information. Always make sure when downloading apps, you download something that has authenticity and is secure. Due to the openness of the Android platform, a lot of developers create hoax or malicious apps which could seriously compromise the security of  your smartphone and the data stored within it. So before downloading any app, it's always important to do a quick search engine check.

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