Laptop Liquid Damage & Other Repairs

Repairs That Are Done On Notebooks/Laptops

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In the present time, nearly all consumers own a notebook computer, whether it's students, professionals or ordinary people, it's still popular due to its level of functionality as well as portability. However every product is no indestructible, laptops do tend to have a lot of physical damages as well as many software and platform faults due to a variety of different causes.

At Electroclinic, we usually receive a lot notebooks ranging from MacBooks as well as Windows notebooks. And with each different laptop, comes with a different scenario. The common notebook faults that we receive is that the lcd screen has been smashed or has come off due to pressure on it.

Remember when it comes to physical damages, it's best to send your Notebook computer to us instead of trying to do it yourself. Fixing a laptop or even a desktop computer by yourself is a very very risky process for many reasons, one example would be the main board or other hardware components failing due to short circuit. At EC, we have the right professional tools and softwares in order to fix your issue, we can also detect what type of hardware and software are compatible to your notebook incase of any hardware replacement or software installation. 

In this article we have listed a couple of common issues that come with the notebook computers as well as the repairs that we do for them.

Notebook Overheating:

If your notebook starts making heavy noises similar to a vacuum or a fan, then it means that your notebook is overheating. You'll be able to tell from the panel behind your keyboard, it will get really hot, and it will make a very ugly noise. This means that the notebook is not getting enough cool air flowing through it. If you leave your notebook to overheat and delay the repair, the hardware components will stop working and in some cases can cause hazardous dangers such fire. Dust is another main factor of the laptop fan not working properly, in this case, you should send your laptop to us in order for us to service it for you. Some people use a vacuum hoover to remove the dust from their notebooks and computers, this is wrong, because it is not a professional equipment for servicing a laptop, a vacuum can not only cause short circuit to your device, but at time dismantle some of the components.

- When we receive a laptop, the first thing we do is book and report all the customers details as well as the issues of the laptop within our online system.

- We then begin to inspect the health of the notebook fully in order to check if there are any other factors that could be causing issues. We then unmount the laptop by removing the power and battery and unscrewing the back panel screws by using professional tools. This process is very sensitive as it requires our technicians to remove many screws that come in different sizes.

- As soon as the notebook is unmounted and the internal components are exposed, we begin to fully service the laptop by cleaning and removing all the dust from the components. We do not use any tools such as; a vacuum cleaner that could cause short-circuit to the components. If the fan was not working at all, we will replace it and install a new working fan and make sure it's working.

- After the hardware servicing has been completed, we then put the notebook back together by placing the components and screws exactly the same place that they were initially.

- Once the notebook is mounted back together, we start optimising the operating system and the software functionality of the laptop in order to make sure the laptop is running smoothly without any errors or lagging. If there were any viruses or malicious software we will remove them or re-install the operating system if necessary.

- In the testing phase, we make sure that everything is in working order by carrying out many software based operations to check if the hardware components are functioning and the fan is distributing air to the components.

- As soon as the notebook repair and testing has been completed, we will then inform the customer as well as update the customer record.

-  We then deliver the notebook back to the customer depending on the delivery method. If the customer has chosen a postage method, we will make sure the their notebook is placed in protective packaging and sent to them by using recorded delivery.

We recommend our customer to keep their notebook computers on a hard flat surface or fan matt so that air can easily flow throughout the internal hardware components.

Broken/Smashed LCD & Laptop Case:

There have been times where our customer have dropped or nudged their notebook computers which have caused small or big cracks to the case or the lcd screen. When it comes the notebook LCD screens, they tend to not show any visual content or the screen becomes fuzzy and multicoloured. In order to diagnose the problem, the first thing that must be done is to send your notebook over or give us a call so we can diagnose the problem and/or book your repair. The obvious diagnosis and repair will be replacing the laptop screen altogether. However old or new your laptop is, there is a replacement screen available for it, even if we don't have the part available in our repair centre, we will back order it and replace the screen for you as soon as possible.

In order to replace the screen, we first unplug all the power from the notebook, including the battery. We then unscrew the screws in order to remove the screen. This part is the tricky part, and it's best that a technician does it, because if a screw is not placed in the right location after the device has been repaired, then it may (in most cases), damage the internal components of the notebook. Some laptops/notebooks have their screws in different locations for removing the screen, so you can never really be sure what you're going up against. Once the case has been opened, we then disconnect any other wires or components that interfere with the removal of the lcd screen. The broken LCD is then removed, and the replacement screen is then installed by reversing the exact method of screen removal.

Electroclinic only uses manufacturer replacement LCD screen and not any cheap third party or fake components or parts from random sellers. This is why we recommend our customers to send their laptops to us, instead of trying to replace the screen themselves. If there are cheap or second hand LCD screens online, then they may not be compatible to your laptop or might not be working properly, so it's best to send it over in order to get the job done properly. 

Liquid Damage

In the majority of the time, notebook users tend to spill some form of liquid on their laptop which could cause many issues. Liquids that have sugar within them are even worst, because they tend to eat away the internal components of the notebook. Unlike desktop computers, laptop is a type of system that everything is built in one piece and tends to have faults such as liquid damage and broken LCD. There is always hope of fixing a liquid damaged system, only if you send it to us as soon as possible, specially if you have important data stored within it. This way, your data and your notebook can be saved altogether. 

The first thing you must do as soon as liquid is spilt on notebook is removing the power source first in order to reduce the chance of short circuit and then drying the system as much as you can with a dry cloth or towel before sending it over to us. Once we receive your laptop, we will quickly unscrew the machine and remove all the components by using special tools designed for unscrewing the laptop and removal of the components. We then chemically clean all the internal components with special chemicals and professional chemical cleaning machines in order to remove any residue from the liquid. We then dry the components manually and thoroughly in order to make sure the is no liquid or water residue. We then carefully re-assemble the components, again by using special tools that do not cause static discharge or short circuit to the device. Once everything is reassembled, we will test the laptop to see if it will start up, if it did, then the liquid damage servicing was successful, but if it wasn't, that would mean that a component within the system is not working anymore and must be replaced. 

Electroclinic Provides the most high quality repairs when it comes to notebook and desktop computers. If you require information on any of our products, you can contact us by calling us on 02073512801 or emailing us at [email protected] You can also visit our website at for online repair booking or any other information in regards to our services or products.