Kodak's Camera Phone Review

Is it Really That Good at Taking Photos?


When it comes to photography, there are a lot of smartphones we can appreciate for the build quality of their cameras. However one of the most popular photography brands of our days; Kodak, has now switched over to the smartphone industry. When we think about Kodak, we think about great photos, HD camera and decent video recording. However according to many resources online, the new Kodak Ektra (yes that's what they call it), is a bit of an disappointment.

The design of this smartphone is very bulky and plasticky overall design. It's not the type of smartphone you would like showing off (like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy devices). This device will be running on an Android 6.0 Marshmallow platform.

In terms of the camera quality, it is not all that great. Even though the specifications outline that the camera has a 21MP main back camera and a 13MP front camera, it still has issues when focusing. For a phone that costs around £450 and is mainly traded as a 'photography phone', then it should have a high quality camera and image stabilisation if anything. For that kind of price, we can purchase a compact camera that does a much better job than this device. Apart from the camera itself, the app that Kodak has developed for its camera is more appalling, meaning that it's very slow and bulky to use. 

The battery has been specified as 3000 mAh, however it's not that great in longitivty. According to different resources and tests, it only lasts just under 10 hours. Of course when you compare it to iPhone's 7 (up to 14 hours )and Samsung's Galaxy S7 (up to 16 hours) battery life, it's peanuts. 

Another downside to this phone is that it does not come with any finger touch scanner for security, meaning that users could not use security authentication for NFS or Android payment services.

Overall this is not a very great phone, it's design is very low in quality, the auto focus and image stabilisation isn't that great either, and finally, the battery life is very short compared to other high end smartphones. Finally, the cost of this device is a bit overprices for what it is. So if you have a bit of extra money on the side, we recommend either purchasing a high end smartphone like Apple or Samsung, or even purchasing a higher compact camera if you're intention is photography. 

We hope you've enjoyed our latest article on the all and new Kodak Ektra. We've never expected a company like Kodak to start developing smartphones, how every nothing can be expected from tech companies.   

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