iOS 11 Pre-Release Rumours

Features, News, Expectations and Rumours For The Upcoming iOS 11


There are so many questions when it comes to the upcoming iOS 11 release. Even though we are many months away from another iOS release. In this article we are mainly going to discuss the software features of the iOS devices instead of the hardware features. It is very exciting to talk about a iPhone release, however we need to look into the software side of it, because it how the phone will be functioned. In terms of release date, we can be sure that we will see a beta version in June 2017 and a finalised version for the public on September 2017. Here are some of the possible features that we may see on the new iOS 11:

1) Group Calls in FaceTime

We usually tend to use different apps for group video calls such as; GoToMeeting, Skype, Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts. However according to a resource from the net, Apple has reported that they will release a group video call feature for FaceTime in the upcoming iOS release. It has also been stated that the messages app will be updated to a point in which it will be able to set off the group video calls with five different people. There has also been speculation that the new iOS 11 will have the ability of screen sharing via FaceTime or Messages. The screen sharing is already included in the macOS's messaging app, all you must do is click on the 'Buddies' option and then click on 'invite to share screen'. Since the release of FaceTime back in 2010, there has not been a major improvement of it, we still have the one to one video chats which is not very nifty. The only inclusion within the FaceTime app was the that users could make audio calls via the FaceTime app.  

2) Natural Sounding Siri

Siri has become a useful feature in people’s everyday tasks. Apple however, has gathered a team within Cambridge, UK who are explicitly working on how Siri can be improved. According to many different resources, Apple is setting their engineers on the path of making Siri have a more natural sounding voice. There have been claims that the iOS 11 may also have the inclusion of Siri voice commands for social media applications such as; Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. For example, one of the Siri commands can contain 'add a photo to Instagram' or 'write a tweet'. 

3) Video Sharing App

The current Photos app allows users to add photo filters like Instagram. You will also be able to edit your pictures by using many editing features such as; adjusting the colours, cropping the picture and rotating the picture. One downside that the Photos app has is that these features can only be used in images and not videos. Another rumour has come out, stating that Apple is planning to release a video sharing app in iOS 11. And when it comes to video sharing, we can speculate that this would mean that there will be a lot of social networking features included. This app could include video re-sizing to fit social media sites such as Instagram, or it could include different filters as well as the ability to add drawings to the video.

4)  Multiple User / Guest Mode

Now this feature would be a great feature for academic institutions and those users who have children. There is a medium possibility that this feature could be added to the new iOS 11. Users will be able to log in as guests and will be able to execute simple functions such as; checking out a video on YouTube, make a quick phone call or even use the web browser without the saved history and passwords.

These are the possible and popular features that could be added to the new iOS. Yes we do have a lot of expectations from Apple, but at the end of the day, we need to give them some room for better future improvements. From all the features mentioned within this article, we think it's best saying that the group FaceTime video calls will be a huge hit and it would be useful for business users as well as ordinary users. 

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