Enabling Two-Factor Authentication For Apple ID

How to Allow Two-Factor Authentication For Your Apple ID


For those who acquire an Apple device, then an Apple ID is a must have and essential for setting up your device as well as downloading and installing the apps. your iCloud or Apple ID account stores a lot of sensitive information such as, your payment cards, your devices location, phone content as well as passwords. Before two-factor authentication, there existed two-verification. 

The newer and up-to date method is much more secure than the previous two-step verification system. For those who use the two step verification, it's best to move on to the newer method in order to avoid any security breaches and of course, have peace of mind. And in this article we will show you how you can keep your Apple ID secure.

Before anything, you need to know what you're getting yourself into when it comes to two factor authentication. Well, the process is that with two-factor, you'll be required to enter an extra piece of code every time you login in to your Apple ID on an unrecognised or untrusted computer. 

Safe and trusted computer systems will show a popup with a location of the Apple ID user trying to log in. As soon as you verify yourself by clicking allow, another pop up will show, displaying the six digit authentication phone which then you will have to enter into the device you are trying to log in to. That device will then be marked as a trusted device for future logins. 

In order to use the two factor authentication, you will need to have an Apple ID, iOS 9 or later firmware or Mac OS X El Capitan. You will then need to enable the two-factor authentication from one of those devices.

Unfortunately, Apple does not make this a required type of authentication at the start. However it is understandable that certain users don't enjoy the hassle of a two step verification. 

Here is what you need to do in order to enable two-factor authentication....

Two-Factor Authentication On iPhone

1) Go to iCloud Settings from the settings app.

2) Press on your name in order to go to the account details. 


If Apple required you to enter your Apple ID and password, go ahead and enter it.

You will then see a list of the following options; Contact Information, Password & Security, Devices and Payment.

5) Go ahead and press on Password & Security.

6) You will then have to turn on the 'Turn On Two-Factor Authentication'


You will then be referred to another screen stating what two-factor authentication as well as some explanation that we have mentioned before.

7) Press continue and a pop up will appear that states 'Verification Required'. You will then have to press 'Continue' again.

8) Another screen will appear, requesting you to enter your phone number, as well as your country. You will then have to choose how you would like to be verified, either by; phone or text.

Two-Factor Authentication on Mac OS

You will need to first open the Apple icon next to the finder menu on the top left side of your screen. You will then click on system preferences, from system preferences you will have to click on iCloud settings.

1) From the iCloud settings, click on 'Account Details'. This is very similar to the iOS iCloud settings.

2) Another window will pop up with a list of different tabs. You will have to click on the 'Security' tab.

3) On the bottom of the security window, go ahead and click on 'Turn-On Two-Factor Authentication...'

4) You will then have to do the same process of entering your mobile phone number and pressing continue.

And there you go, all set to be more secure than before. Google and Microsoft have similar authentication methods too, however provide their users with an App as well which makes it easier for users to enter that extra piece of code.


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