Download YouTube Videos

How to Download YouTube Videos on iOS Devices


We all know that YouTube is a very popular video streaming and sharing website. And being able to have access to offline videos is also a great feature too. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t allow or have this feature, because if it did, its website ranking will drop dramatically.

To download YouTube videos straight to an iOS device, you will need to download some third-party apps. Apple however removes these apps from its app store.

You must first download an app named Document 5, this app will enable you to download a video from YouTube and then move it to your camera roll. As soon as you have downloaded the app and open it, and navigate to the browser icon located on the bottom right hand-corner. On the browser, type ‘savefromnet’ from and you will be presented with a website called ‘ Open that URL and then copy the YouTube URL and paste it on to the ‘’ dialog box. As soon as you’ve pasted the URL, go ahead and press the green tick and there will be a video thumbnail with different quality choices. You must then select the quality of video you wish to download. The video will then start to download, if you are downloading the larger quality video, then you must make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

As soon as your video has been downloaded, you will then see a ‘downloads’ section on the app and you will then be able to view the video you have downloaded. To save the video to you, press the video fill for a long time (4-5 seconds long) and then drag it to the up direction until you are presented with your iPhone’s directory in which you will then see the ‘Photos’ directory. Everything else is self-explanatory, from ‘photos’ you will then have to move it to ‘camera roll’ (while still dragging the video). Once you have navigated and dragged it into the ‘camera roll’, you can then release your finger from the screen and the video will directly move to your iPhone photo gallery.

And there you go; you have now been successfully able to download a YouTube video in your iPhone or iOS device. Even though you might think the process is a bit complicated, however you will get used to it.

There’s even an easier way to do this if you have a macOS or Windows computer system. Simply go to ‘’ paste the YouTube URL to the dialog box on the KeepVid homepage, and then you will be redirected to a list of different qualities for that YouTube video. You can then send it to your WhatsApp desktop app and save it to your camera roll on your iPhone.

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