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How Unauthorised Charging Cables can Damage Your Device

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Today, we are going to talk about how cheap and third party chargers can damage your device and its batter. At the moment there are a large variety of accessories available for your phone, and when it comes to chargers and power banks, it’s really important to choose a certified accessory for your device. According to evidence, it appears that a lot of devices have had damage to their logic boards due to fake and faulty charging cables. Here are some of the common issues that have risen due to the use of unauthorised charging cables:


1 – The majority of charging cables have both a sync and charge cable together, however they are not all similar. Buying a low quality and cheap cable could result in your phone charging much more slowly than usual. This is because these low quality chargers can handle lower electrical current than the ones that are company certified

2 – The battery is usually effected when using such cables. It’s important to know that a cable has the right circuitry thatrecognises the flow of electricity that is transferring from the power source to your device. And original and certified cables and chargers have that capability and they can stop sending power to your device once fully charged, whereas fake and low quality cables do not have that type of standard. This can result in reduce the life of your device and damage your device’s battery.

3 – Sometimes these chargers can cause hazardous dangers to a person. It has been known that some devices have exploded and electrocuted in hands whilst in charge. So it’s not just the fact that they can cause damage to the device, but also to a person


As you can see in the two images above, the counterfeit charger has scratches and squared contacts on the pins, whereas the certified cable has smooth round contacts on the pins. The faceplate of the connector must also be grey and metallic colour with gold pins whereas fake chargers tend to have a white or black faceplate without metallic coatings. 

So as you can see, these are the possible ways that  counterfiet charging cables can damage your device. It is very important to purchase cables that are the brands original accessories or certified cables from third party companies. At Electroclinic we provide our customers with original and certified charging cables for any type of device (iPhone, tablet & laptop). It's always better to invest in a brand original or brand certified charging cable rather than having further issues with your device down the line.

At Electroclinic, we always recommend our customers to buy original or certified cables for their devices. To find out more information on the range of our products please email us at [email protected]  or call us on 02073512801. You can also visit our website at for information  on the depth of services and products we provide to our customers.

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